Creating A Living Trust, And Other Forms Of Estate Law


You don't really have an appreciation for wealth and what it means until you are trying to pass it down to the future generation. This is the end-game for all wealth creation, which is why setting up a will and trust is just as important to this process as buying your first house or saving for retirement. A living trust is one of the best ways to formalize this process, and you can get this service by speaking to some professionals that can help you. Read on and consider the following points. 

Look into the merit of getting a living trust and determine whether it's for you

People usually either set up a living trust or they formalize their plans in a will. Each has pros and cons, but having a living trust is a must. For one, living trusts are great because they help you to circumnavigate the entire probate process. You'll be able to place assets into this trust and can set provisions by which they will be allocated to your beneficiaries. For instance, you can make provisions that your kids don't receive their share of assets until they reach a certain age, complete school, or satisfy other such requirements. 

Since probate court can get messy and frustrating, you may want to set up a living trust to help you avoid some of the snags that come with going to court. You'll also be able to save lots of money by setting up a living trust, while also keeping these matters private, since a trust, unlike court, isn't public record. In order to set up a quality trust that accomplishes what you set out to do, make sure that you get the help of an attorney. 

Retain the help of an estate lawyer that can make sense of the process for you

It's important that you reach out to an estate lawyer that has experience in both living trusts and wills. By having them explain every facet of both to you, you can then decide which one you want to use for your estate, or if you want a mixture of both. This will depend on the type and value of assets you are passing down, your family structure, and so many other factors.

Use these points so that you can start putting together your final wishes. 

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10 September 2019

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